[:TH]Chiang Mai Fringe Festival[:]


October 2019 marks the beginning of the 12th season for The Gate Theater, Chiang Mai’s first English language theater company. The season will open on October 24 with Chiang Mai’s first annual Fringe Festival of Performing Arts.

Co-produced with the EXIT Theatre of San Francisco, the festival will be held at the KAD Studio Theatre and will run from October 24-27 from 12:00 pm until 9:30 pm each day.

The Gate Theater Group and EXIT Theatre Company will insure that all performers are mindful of Thai cultural sensibilities. Material which is considered inappropriate for public performance in Thailand cannot be permitted. Beyond that, we will not intervene in the artistic content of participating productions. These are your stories, this is your art.

The Chiang Mai Fringe Festival is proudly open to a wide range of performers and groups of artists working independently in traditional forms as well as outside traditional forms.


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